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Download Instagram Threads IOS App Free for Apple 2023

Threads IOS was launched by Meta after the release of Threads for Android. Now, it is for Apple where the IOS User communicates and discusses the future. What would be trending tomorrow? And what should be gained from tomorrow’s trend? All the discussion users can do with the use of threads APK that allows the users to communicate with the help of Threads. There are many creators and famous personalities who use this app on their IOS devices and discuss the projects. You can Download Threads APK For IOS and use it on your Apple devices with the integration of Instagram.

Threads – An Instagram App published by Meta For Instagram. The Special benefit of this app to Instagram users because it is a built-in feature of Instagram if you don’t use Instagram then download the Threads App on your devices and sign up to join the community where you can post your thread to the public and gain a response. If you already use Instagram, you will get a built-in thread option in the Instagram App.

Download Threads For IOS

Threads ios
App NameThreads IOS
categorySocial Networking
sizeInstagram. inc
compatibilityIOS 6+
IOS TouchIOS 6+

Features of Threads IOS APK

Many features are similar to the Threads Android APP but some old the feature that you can use only for IOS Devices the detail below:

Theme Modes

Three theme modes that you would get in the IOS version of the app are Daylight Mode, Twilight Mode, and Aurora Mode. But, you can use these modes where you are using threads Instagram app.

Daylight Mode: In Daylight Mode, users can easily see the Thread Screen in the Sunlight. When sunlight appears then the screen is blackish and users can’t see clearly the screen view. For this, Twilight Mode helps the users to view the screen clearly in the sunlight to increase the app’s brightness.

Twilight Mode: Mostly People use Twilight mode of Threads APK Pro at night to protect their eyes from the screen brightness. In this mode, light mode converts into light mode. You can clearly screen view this app through this mode.

Aurora Mode: It is an interesting mode where you can use both mode features in Aurora Mode. It provides you with a combination of both twilight and daylight modes. Most users use this mode while using the app.

Camera Customization

Camera Customization feature you can only get in the Threads IOS App. You can customize your camera filters and adjust the effects during the snap. Threads allow users to capture images, and videos and share them with the public but they also provide the ability to enhance the camera with the help of filters and ad effects. It is a Free Feature that you can get only on iPhone devices.

Access your Instagram Content

After the Integration with Instagram, you can able to access your photos, videos, and all the content through the Threads App. Don’t worry, it is the safe app by Instagram. Moreover, you have access to get your Instagram followers on the Threads App. Get the same Instagram Followers on this app and share your thread easily. 

Send Different Color Text

It is just like the messenger app where you can communicate with each other through text-based conversion. Different font styles and text colors you can use in this app and send to the message receiver. All the fonts are unlocked and free for IOS users I they download Threads APK For IOS From this website.

Set your Profile Location

Threads APK IOS Allows its users to show their profile location to the public. You will choose the location where you are living and shows it on the threads app. If you don’t show the location then the hide location option always waiting for you. Most people don’t show their location to the public and take care of their privacy.

List of Similar Android Features

  • Find Your Instagram Followers
  • Share your Point of View
  • Connect with Friends with Favrouite Creators
  • Control the Conversation
  • Find ideas and Inspiration
  • Open Social Networking
  • Never Miss Today’s Trending

Screen Shots

FAQS of Threads IOS APK

Threads. A thread is a sequence of instructions that can be executed by a runtime.

In iOS, each process is made up of one or more threads. Each represents a single path of execution through the application’s code

Threads from Instagram is a social media and communications app officially offered by Facebook. It’s a separate and standalone companion application that’s linked to Instagram and your IG account.

Threads are especially useful when you need to perform a lengthy task, but don’t want it to block the execution of the rest of the application.

Threads is a new app, built by the Instagram team, for sharing text updates and joining public conversations.


Threads IOS APK is the latest Social Media platform for Apple users which includes exciting features and an amazing UI interface. Play the videos in HD quality such as 4K & 8K. Every type of content users can get in this app and upload the content to the public that they want. If you need any help then post your query in the Threads Community and the members will reply with their answers to your post. It is an Interesting app for Instagram users. You can download Threads APK For IOS From with the latest and updated version. We are proving all the safe & Secure apps.